Poems and other Publications

Essays, poems, articles and reproductions of  Asaph Ben-Menahem have appeared since 1961 in books, catalogues (see exhibitions), magazines, television, radio and newspapers.

Oriolous Oriolous

2017 Eight poems of Ben Menahem was set to music by the composer
René Samson

2013 ’10’
with Tsafrira Levy 10 poems

1998 ‘She’ney Ess’roneem’
10 poems and 10 original woodcuts,
Jerusalem Print workshop, Jerusalem, Israel

Documentary film, Dutch T.V. Ned. 2

Dwelling in Mist


Art reviews in Jerusalem Weekly Magazine “Kol Ha’ir”
‘Dwelling in Mist’
poemsSifriat Po’alim Publishing House, Tel Aviv, Israel

‘Oriolous Oriolous’
poems and drawings
Shi’rat Publishing House, Jerusalem, Israel

T F m
May 12, 2011